Eleasis 7

After a somewhat restful night with the Sons of Mask our companions were awoken by the sounds of screaming and cursing. It seemed that good old Jhonny attempted to try to gain access to the Wagon…and was subsequently turned to stone! This did not sit well with the rest of the bandits as several of them called for blood and/or financial recompense. After some classic Minotaur huffing and Aasimar diplomacy, the circus was allowed to leave the camp…in fact the impromptu performance seemed to even appease the Wagon, who released Jhonny from it's spell.

After a half-day, and lovely, ride back on the Evermoor Way the group found it's way to the Calling Horns Inn. After frightening the stable-boy the circus entered the Inn to encounter a couple groups of Waterhavian nobles and a party of hunters, fresh back from a High Forest excursion. After a brief negotiation with the innkeep, Tosker, the circus performed to gain some fame on the road! (and some free food and rooms). The performance was enough to impress the patrons and get the travel weary troupe some free reign of the Inns amenities; Hot baths, garden trails, comfy rooms, exquisite foods, the works!

Of course, an evening performance was warranted, and the Wagon even provided urns of smoke to provide an air of mystery and excitement to the performance. Other groups were at the Inn that evening; a group of halfling travelers, another small hunting party, and a mysterious brother/sister combo of rogues with their pair Uthgardt barbarian bodyguards. The circus performed adequately and the Stars of Yartar spread some notoriety.  

And not willing to let the fun end too soon, the evening peeked with a cat/barbarian/minotaur fight, and a violent leading to promiscuous encounter with the rogue siblings. It was a big day.


Eleasis 7

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