Silver Marches Circus

Getting Stoned with The Masked Bandits
Elerissa's Journal

Holy shit! We met this Bandit chick on the road!!!! She was cool as fuck. I played it very "who cares" but I was freaking out inside! They worship some god called Mask or something. I need to look into this! But ya she leads a group of theives. Hero. 

She has this wizard or something, he tried to charm spell me when I snuck in to the leaders tent. I played along until he tried to get a little too close. Perv. 

I officially am getting back in to crime-type shit. I stole his stupid bottles just to warm up. It was easy. Everyone was distracted when an idiot tried getting in to The Wagon. It turned him to stone, actually so funny. But ya, they liked our show so that's pretty awesome, they gave us a super cool mace that like…I guess makes me a member of their gang.

I wonder if the goblin can open locks and stuff? Reminder: ask him when alone!

Barn Burners and Friends
Elerissa's Journal

Ok so this is so fucked up. I woke up in a barn and everyone was freaking out. Apparently a goblin broke in and tried to rape one of the cat girls or something. Turns out its some little juggler freak called Deex. So whatever, he's our friend now or some shit? Like I care. But anyway he warned us about Worg riders coming to fuck up our day. I figured the Minotaur would just crush them but actually they almost burned down the barn with us inside. Of course Gabriel wanted to put on the circus. What the fuck kind of goblin savage wants to see a circus? Not this kind. 

So after the fighting broke out I kinda just waited it out and let the warrior types do their thing. At some point The Wagon was in the fire. I saved the horse but like an idiot untied her first. So thank fuck the Minotaur was able to push it out to safety. Embrassing!

I think we are heading northish. The show we put on is actually kind of fun but man do I ever feel the need to start stealing shit again. I think I can fight it….maybe.


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