Catfolk Monk


Mekha (pronounced Mika)

STR 18
DEX 19
CON 16
INT 13
WIS 14
CHA 10

Alignment: Neutral

Primary Deity: Yggdrasil

As a Catfolk monk, Mekha prefers to use her claws in battle. Second to her claw attack, she uses a Yggdrasil Quarterstaff made from the tree itself and given to her as a present from her Aunt.

Mehka can speak Common, Feline, and Sylvan.


Mekha has strawberry coloured fur and green eyes. She is 18, 5’3 and 110 lbs. She has long hair, partially braided back with charms and totems woven into it. A scale from Viggo is one of her most treasured charms as she believes that it brings her luck in battle, success on the hunt, and good fortune in other such endeavours. Her fur markings are similar to that of a spotted tabby.

Quick Backstory:
Raised with her twin sister, Mei, in Sigil.
Mother is the beautiful and mysterious archer queen Sorywn. Father is an unknown Catfolk.
Left to their own devices, Mei and Mekha had to take care of themselves.
Regular visits to Auntie Almvieg (sp?) helped shape Mekha’s personality and world views.
All of her mother’s pets became family and Mekha enjoyed their company very much. Timbit and Viggo were like brothers.
Looking for more stability in their lives, the twins find a new home with the circus.

Mekha is a follower. She lets her sister make most of the decisions and is fine to follow suit. Although Mekha is easily persuaded, she still has a mind of her own.

Catfolk Desrciption:
Catfolk are bright and engaging in personality, and tend to be energetic and sometimes mercurial in temperament, not holding back anything in their expression of emotions, and always seeking to live life to the fullest while indulging their infamous curiosity. They are surprisingly honest in their desires, and not ashamed of them.

Her outfit looks similar to this:


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