STR 16
DEX 18
CON 13
INT 12
WIS 15
CHA 14

Alignment: Wouldn’t you like to know

Primary Deity: None

Mei, like her sister, relies primarily on her claws and teeth in battle though she does have a Quarterstaff she makes use of from time to time. She doesn’t revere Yggdrasil like Mekha though, so it has less meaning to her.

Mei speaks Common, Feline, and Elven.

Mei’s fur is a mixture of grey, black and white. The pattern is the same as Mehka’s though the colouring is very different so it’s easy to tell them apart. She’s 18 years old, 5’4 and 110lbs. She makes no efforts outside of circus garb to really try to fit in with ‘normal’ folk and is happy to wear anything from her acrobat costume to scraps of cloth. As is her custom she collects items that hold meaning to her and weaves them into her hair as she believes they bring her luck…..and she’s distracted by shiny things.

Quick Backstory:
Raised with her twin sister, Mehka, in Sigil.
Mother is the beautiful and mysterious archer queen Sorywn. Father is an unknown Catfolk.
Left to their own devices, Mei and Mekha had to take care of themselves.

They thought they had found their calling with a traveling monk order and left Waterdeep to join their ranks. It quickly became apparent that neither her or her sister were a good fit for that particular lifestyle as they couldn’t sit for more than 10 minutes for meditation. They left the group to start their own order which consists entirely of the two of them.

During their travels they came across the rag tag group that are the Stars of Yartar and have been with them ever since.

Mei is impulsive and mischievous but basically friendly. She is fiercely devoted to her friends that she’s claimed as family but no one more so than her twin sister. In battle she’s fearless and reckless, although that’s not so very different than her normal mindset.

Catfolk Desrciption:
Catfolk are bright and engaging in personality, and tend to be energetic and sometimes mercurial in temperament, not holding back anything in their expression of emotions, and always seeking to live life to the fullest while indulging their infamous curiosity. They are surprisingly honest in their desires, and not ashamed of them.



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