STR 18
DEX 17
CON 13
INT 13
WIS 10
CHA 14

The Kir-Lanan are a race of creature born during the Time of Troubles from the negative energy surge created by the death of three evil deities (Bhall, Myrkul and Bane). Standing 5’11" with emerald eyes and emerald to gray skin, Enerith shared the same Gargoyle like appearance of most of her race, along with large powerful wings and sharp teeth and even sharper claws. When not using claws, Enerith has a Heavy Mace for melee and a Light crossbow for ranged attacks. Many crisscrossing straps of leather and metal serve as a strange form of studded leather armour.


The Kir-Lanan are born and convinced of a single purpose; destroy any and all worshippers of the gods and anyone who even believed in the gods (which pretty much includes everyone). Enerith, unable to comes to grips with this line of reasoning, became curious about other races and even learned to appreciate art and music which is, as far as anyone knows, unique for these creatures that literally have no souls and are born from negative energy. Unable to express her true feelings to her peers and betters, she remained obedient to the cause and travelled loyally with her Wing….that is until they decided to mess with the Stars of Yartar.


Silver Marches Circus Ryat