Elerissa B'Dard

A young girl, with hair and skin, white like snow and eyes as dark as ash.


A lovely 19 year old women, Elerissa has blinding white hair and pale skin. Her eyes are rimmed with dark shadows. She is taller than the average human women of her age.

She wears stained red studded bands of leather over her black shirt and right brown pants. She carries a dagger at her side and wears a shield on her back.


Elerissa is a reformed criminal. After her father abandoned her at a young age she was taken in by a group of highwaymen led by the dashing rogue called Bashel. At 14 they had together robbed over 1000 carriages along the sword coast. Finally their crime spree ended outside the town of Yartar where the two crooks where locked in the city dungeon.

Five years later Elerissa was released. For months she lived on the streets of Yartar looking for her lost Bashel. It was during this time she met the members of local circus troop. She quickly grew fond of them and agree to be their stage hand. It came time for the troops to move on and Elerissa decided to let her past go, and take to the trail with the STARS OF YARTAR!

Elerissa B'Dard

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