STR 21
DEX 17
CON 13
INT 10
WIS 12
CHA 11

Alignment: CN

Primary Deity: None

Weapons: Caedes prefers to charge into battle and use his devastating gore attack to launch his opponents into the air. Once in close combat he prefers his great axe.

Caedes speaks Common and Giant.

Caedes is a 21 year old male Minotaur standing 7’10 and weighing in at 673lbs. His fur is rust coloured with rosewood eyes. He wears a chain shirt along with standard adventurers clothing although he dresses more savagely when performing with the circus.

Caedes comes from the Under Mountain where his parents and family were salughtered by The Called during their Halaster adventures. He was found by a farming family when he wandered topside as a young minotaur. They kept him and put him to work while raising him though they were later killed by an orc raiding party.

Feeling adrift, Caedes left his farm home and came across the circus, making quick friends with Gabriel. He’s taken the role as circus strong man and travels with the show and his friends.



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